What Are Healograms?

Healograms are small holograms (Fig -1) that have been created to restore health and alleviating the symptoms of pain in one specific area of  your body. For example, the ear ailments healogram will specifically target and address ongoing ear ailments through the rebalancing of subtle human energy fields associated with the ear.Ear problems only exist when the subtle enrgy field around the ear becomes distorted in some way.

Healograms must be worn within close to the physical body to take effect but do not necessarily have to be close to the body part being worked on. They interact with your body’s biofield in a way that raises the energy vibration of the area being worked on. This has the affect of removing discomfort and pain in that area in a drug free natural way.  Healograms can be worn discreetly by either attaching them to the back of your watch (Fig -2)  or in the inside of a shoe as shown in the pictures below (Fig -3).

FIg – 1

Fig – 2

Fig – 3


Holographic Healogram For Treatment Of Ongoing Headaches

Holographic Healogram – For Treatment Of Eye Ailments

Holographic Healogram – For  Energetic Treatment Of Ear Ailments