“The problems of our world cannot be solved by sceptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities, but by men of vision, hope and imagination.”

John F. Kennedy



Your phyiscial health, your psychological wellbeing and your spiritual possibility depend on how well aligned you are with a cosmic life force energy that pervades all matter. Healexus Healing assists you in establishing this alignment.

The Healexus Healing System  is a potent Self Healing energy activation practice designed as a holistic process for health, wellness and complete inner wellbeing. Have you ever wondered why two thousand years ago miraculous healings such as those detailed in the the bible were common place happenings and yet today we seldom if ever hear of them?

What you need to know is that back then people had learned how to harness the power of subtle energy fields (biofields) that exist both inside and outside of the physical body. Indeed in the far east, in China, India and Tibet the practices for re-harmonising  disrupted energies within the body to support both physical and emotional wellbeing are still being used even today.

Information on the existence of ‘biofields’ dates back to anicent times and has been passed down from generation to generation with practically no alteration. Nowadays energy healing modalities including Reiki, Acupuncture & Acupressure have become more mainstream in Western culture although uptake remains slow.

I want you to open your mind and consider that your body has at its disposal right now all the resources it will ever need to heal any ailment that you can currently conceive. Please further consider that all your healing resources are linked by a super high speed energy network or ‘healing information highway’ that can be used by your mind to communicate with and co-ordinate the rapid deployment of your healing resources.

The biggest problem that we all have is that our high speed healing highway lies dormant and blocked due to lack of use. 

The Healexus Healing System provides a combination of unique healing tools and practices that allow you to quickly bridge the gap between the mind and the ‘healing information highway’ that holds the key to complete health and wellbeing. Unique energy attunement tools and processes that have been developed with reference to ancient healing practices have proven to produce lasting results and helped 1000s of people gain pain relief and often complete healings.

 Healing Energy Attunement

healing energy attunement device or Healexonised Healing Product assists you to consciously connect with and control your innate healing abilities.

Healing energy exists all aound us and can be tapped into for the purposes of healing physical or emotional issues safely without the side effects experienced by more conventional routes. At Healexus we have created a range of Healexonised Healing Products which includes fashion jewellery from pendants to earings.

Healing energy attunement devices help raise the vibrational frequencies of your biofield energies so enabling you to unlock your innate healing abilities. Existing users have been able to remove physical pain, emotional trauma, stress and even insomnia using these easily learned techniques. See the Success Stories section for more details.





Each self-treatment takes 5-15 minutes a day, depending on the condition being addressed. Users often report a number of different sensations including heat, coolness, tingling or spontaneous body movements outside their conscious control during this process. All this is normal and a clear indication that the physical/emotional healing is being applied as directed.


 Healexus Healing is for you if you:

  •  want to get to the underlying causes of your symptoms
  • are looking to be free of current or chronic health problems such as back pain, arthritis, auto immune diseases
  • are interested in non traditional methods of healing with no harmful side effects
  • want to move away from feeling powerless and move towards harnessing your inner power to heal
  • experience symptoms that are not responding to traditional medical treatment and are searching for a more empowering COMPLIMENTARY healing




We have achieved exceptional results in the treatment of a wide range of conditions from back ache, arthritis and bladder infection to skin issues, emotional trauma and depression (see the Success Stories section for testimonials). There is no conflict between use of the Healexus Healing System  and conventional treatments. There are innumerable examples of both working in parallel with great success. We always advise patients to consult their doctor over medical problems and not to alter their intake of prescribed drugs independently.


Our mission is to provide you with the energy healing tools and training needed to self-heal pain from all areas of life. You will feel empowered, inspired and fully present to the possibilities of regaining control of your health and wellness. You will feel better placed to realise your true unlimited potential.