Get Ready To Heal

I can help you heal from ongoing physical, mental  & emotional ailments….  even if you’ve tried everything else and nothing seems to work!

Do you suffer from ongoing ailments?  from anxiety?  or depression? or panic attacks?  Perhaps you have found orthodox medicinal practices unsuitable because of treatment side effects?  Maybe you are looking for a natural remedy that will not impact other areas of your life?

The good new is that it is possible for you can heal quicker now than you may have ever thought possible. At Healexus we offer healing services and personal healing  trainings to address all types of ongoing physical, mental and emotional ailments.

Unlike many other energy healing treatments, we focus on reconnecting you with the potent spiritual energy that lies dormant within us all. Thousands of people who have already attended one of the many demo evenings can already testify to the powerful healing effects of this unique healing  modality.

Eamon Mc Grenaghan

Eamon Mc Grenaghan

Founder Of Healexus

As a former IT consultant I had no plans to work in the field of energy healing or alternative medicines but sometimes life has a way of putting you firmly back onto the path you were born to walk. For me this happened when in Jan 2009 a close family member was diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease and told to take drugs on a daily basis with horrendous side effects. I knew there must be an alternative way to heal the body and so my journey of self discovery and expanded awareness began.   Having looked at many of the alternative medicine modalities out there, it seemed to me that the best results were being obtained through traditional energy medicine practices which have been carried out in China & India for the past 3000 years.

Follow up research into healing practices of the ancient Egyptians, the Essenes  and Gnostic traditions led me to the realisation that the key to miraculous healing results lies beyond the physical body in the realm of the energetic body.

You are more than a physical body!

II  want you to consider that you incarnated upon this earth as a spiritual energetic being of light within a physical material body. Your spiritual energetic light body is the Divine part of you that lives on after the physical body passes away. Initially it burns bright as a child and you find yourself full of vibrant vitality. Soon your energetic light body diminishes in brightness due to irrational fears, emotional upsets and  other  traumatic events . One of the many aspects of your energetic light body is it’s ability to store subtle energies like a battery, energies which can be directed to  your physical body to aid in healing during times of sickness.

Whenever your energetic light body gets depleted it must be replenished via re-connection with the  life force energy (Source) that exists all around us. I help you with the reconnection process and so facilitate healing taking place. Dramatic results and spontaneous healings are common place, although never guaranteed as no 2 people are the same.

How to retrigger your long lost abilities to self-heal?

Consider also that many thousands of years ago, we probably all knew how to tap into and replenish our energetic light body. In doing so we were able to trigger our own innate healing abilities. This ancient knowledge with its roots in spiritual teachings has long since been forgotten.  Todays mass exodus from orthodox spiritual practices and developmental trainings only serves to block the personal  rediscovery of the incredible dormant powers that lie within.

As orthodox religions struggle to stay relevant in a fast moving modern society, the younger generation turn their backs on all forms of Divine spiritual practice or teachings.

As the energetic light body (ie the spiritual side of you) becomes neglected, it is unable to replenish and suffers distortion and energetic imbalances which are then mapped onto the physical body as onging pain and sufferings.



How can I help you heal fast?

I can show you how to retrigger your long lost healing abilities by reactivating and strengthening your energtic light body thorugh re-connection with the spiritual side of your being. It is a simple, safe, drug free process that utilizes your own innate healing abilities to balance, harmonize and transform your physical body’s energy processes. The result as proven by the many testimonials from those who have benefitted from this healing modality, is a reduction in pain and/or  complete healing on all levels.

How to Heal Fast – Demo Events/Webinars

The Healexus Healing System is one of many alternative medicine and energy healing methods available but unlike most other healing modalities, it can be self-administered. I’m running “How to Heal Fast – Healing Events & Webinars ”  If you are interested you can register your details through our contact us page and receive details of the next event.

Experience This Incredible Healing For Yourself

At our Healing Webinar events  you get to experience a new form of energy healing which is effective at dealing with both physical and emotional issues. 

Watch this Healexus Back Healing demonstration