Skin Issue Resolved During Remote Healexus Healing Sessions

Svetlana Karnaukhova“My name is Svetlana Karnaukhova, I am from Saint-Petersburg. By the time I got Healexus, I’d already had quite a serious inflammation of the contour of my lips, which in medical terms is called cheilitis.I tried to heal it with a help of conventional medicine, but it didn’t work. And I didn’t want to take heavy antibiotics that were prescribed to me as the only option. This inflammation was an extremely painful and uncomfortable thing to have: I couldn’t drink warm liquids, eat spicy food, even to smile was painful! The sensation was as if I didn’t have skin there at all. It felt like an open wound.

 It took me a few sessions under Eamon’s guidance to address the issue and to get a feeling of how Healexus Healing works.  Slowly, but steadily I noticed how the inflammation reduced and I can say that in the course of a few months of wearing and using my Healexus pendant to heal, my lip issue has disappeared. Thank you, Eamon!”